NO JOB IS TOO SMALL for atb morton

ATB Morton is renowned for our design and construction of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as our engineering construction projects.

These projects are usually of a larger scale, and although this is a key element of our business, we also take the opportunity to delve into new, possibly smaller, projects that will challenge our employees and provide new and exciting opportunities for the business.

No matter the size of the job we are happy to provide assistance.

We have been responsible for the design and construction of a variety of projects such as

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Commercial Office Spaces
  • Educational Outdoor Learning Areas
  • Sub-division for land and real estate purposes
  • Awning Extensions
  • Roof Replacements
  • Bridges and Dams

This is just a small selection of our work but it provides a great example of the scope of our projects and contributes to our main goal. That is, to work within all facets of the building industry; whether this may mean completing a job from start to finish, or simply contributing our skills on smaller projects within the entire construction.

For a more detailed description of the services we provide view the slides below: