The ATB group have diversified further into their already comprehensive catalogue of engineering design, fabrication and construction through the inclusion of the Redisand sand plant located at 9 Janet Pde Salt Ash. ATB are in the process of designing and constructing the ultra-modern, high capacity sand washing and manufacturing plant.

ATB's in-house engineering, design and drafting department took the reins in the planning stages and passed the task onto IBS to manufacture the major structure. This involved conveyors, dump hoppers, slurry hopper, walk ways and the intricate fabrication of the steel water system which is an integral in ensuring optimum operation. Due to harsh environmental issues in the area all major components were galvanized by Hunter Galvanizing. To this point, the project has utilized ATB's diversified skill set from project managers, carpenters, concreters, fitters, boilermakers, plumbers, operators and labourers. Redicrete has been a major contributor throughout this project in providing all the concrete to CIA Precast in order to construct of all the panels which have been installed at the Redisand workshop, sand washing plant control room and the sand plant loader ramps.

The plant has been designed in an efficient manner where the sand will be washed in an approach to deliver an ultra-clean graded washed sand which will have major benefits in the engineering and construction application. The goal behind Redisand is to implement our initiatives and understand our environmental management obligations in order to work in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Upon completion, Redisand will be capable of extracting 200,000 tonnes of sand per year.